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The County of Santa Clara strives to protect the privacy of its residents. The Privacy Office works to promote this interest through a variety of initiatives. Some of the activities we support include: policy and process analysis and development, vetting of surveillance technologies, analysis of data sharing projects, advocacy, privacy assessment activities, and special projects. Read about the vision and strategic priorities of the Privacy Office here.​

Privacy Laws, Policies, and Standards


Privacy laws exist at the federal, state, and local level. To help provide an overview of the various frameworks that govern privacy in the United States, the Privacy Office has created a list of several laws and ordinances related to privacy rights. We also list relevant industry privacy standards and guidance. Read more here.


Consumer Privacy Tips


While technological innovation has led to many benefits, the increasing collection of information through online sources and connected devices has also created new privacy risks. Navigating social media, keeping track of privacy policies, and managing online profiles can seem like an uphill battle. It is important for individuals to understand the benefits and risks and to take any mitigating steps they feel are necessary to address them. As a starting point in this process to help people learn some common ways to protect their personal information, the Privacy Office has compiled a list of steps individuals can take to protect their privacy in our digitally connected world. Read more here.

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